Support a Panther

Dear Forestville Hockey Club supporter,

I trust that you and your family have endured the recent social isolation and associated economic downturn without too great a hardship and that you still have a sense of humor and a desire to play or be involved with hockey in 2020.

Over the past month or so your Forestville Hockey Club Management Team has been working on plans with Hockey SA that has enabled our playing members, both juniors and seniors, to recommence training in preparation for the season start at this weekend.

Like many in our community, our club has been struggling with the significant impact of COVID-19.  Club management has prepared a financial budget that provides reduced playing fees in recognition of the shortened season and we have reduced operating costs wherever possible.   At the same time, we face little or no opportunity to raise funds through our usual means.

Which is why we need your support now more than ever.

We are appealing to the generosity of those in our Forestville Hockey Club community that are in a position to provide financial support, to help us through this significant period of change.  You can do this by making a tax-deductible donation to our ‘Support a Panther’ campaign.  Your donation will be used to help our club survive this period of uncertainty and ensure that we return to the playing field in the strongest position possible.

FHC Management has set-up a tax-deductible donation program with the assistance of the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF).  Australian Sports Foundation is Australia’s leading nonprofit sports fundraising organization and charity.  Thanks to our fundraising partnership with the ASF donations of $2 or more are tax deductible

Donations can be made by logging into the Australian Sports foundation via the following hyperlink .

Our club will be most grateful for any support that you can provide.


Yours sincerely,

Peter Schembri

Treasurer, Past president and Life member

Forestville Hockey Club

16th June 2020