2020 Club Awards- Nominations Due by 17th October 2020

We have had an interesting season this year with the impact of Covid. Changes to the way things have been done to make it happen for everyone. Take a minute to think back on the 2020 season… Can you think of someone who made an awesome contribution to the club this year? Have they shown amazing commitment, improvement, or support… or perhaps a combination of all three??

Don’t delay nominate them for a Club Award today.

Forestville presents several awards that recognize those individuals who go above and beyond to support our wonderful club. It can be a player, a coach, a manager, a supporter, or a parent, and their contribution can be either on or off the field. If anyone springs to mind, please consider nominating them – it is super easy!

Step 1: Have a quick look at the descriptions of each award below.
Step 2: Decide who you’d like to nominate, and which award they should be considered for.
Step 3: Type up all the wonderful reasons you think that person should receive the award. Please try to give more detail than “he’s a heaps good bloke” or “she was a fab coach” or “they brought orange slices that one time”. Our assessment panel might not know the person you’re nominating so they would love as much information them as possible!
Step 4: Email the full name of your nominee, the award name and your reasons to secretary@fhc.com.au by Friday 17 October.

You may know many people that deserve an award? Not to worry – you can send in as many nominations as you like! What’s more, you can nominate more than one person for the same award.

Peter Greenham Award for Most Improved Junior

This award is given to the junior player who has shown the most improvement thought out the season. This could be in either the senior and/or junior competition.

Harvey Boag Award for Most Improved Club Person

This award is given to the person who has contributed to the club off the field in a greater capacity to what they have the previous year.

Manfred Machner Award for Most Supportive Parent

This award is given to the parent who is seen to be involved in the club outside of regular attendance of games.

Coralie Philips Award for Most Committed Club Woman

This award is given to the woman who has contributed to the club in a substantial way this season. This could be a player, coach, parent, or supporter.

Ash Chowdry Memorial Award for Most Committed Club Man

This award is given to the man who has contributed the club in a substantial way this season. This could be a player, coach, parent, or supporter.

John & Joyce Hooper Award for Most Committed Club Person

This is the major award given to the person who has excelled in their commitment and dedication to the club this season. This could be a player, coach, parent, or supporter.


2018 Finals Wrap-Up

A huge congratulations to the guys (and gals!) who have come out on top in the Hockey SA U18B Boys’ Grand Final! This Forest Hills team has had a stellar season and finished it off with style, beating North East Black with a convincing 2-0 win. Well done to all involved – players, coaches, managers and supporters – it has been wonderful to see you succeed and we can’t wait to see what next year brings for our juniors!

Our other junior Grand Finalists were the U13B Boys – the match was extremely close but unfortunately it wasn’t their day, going down to Adelaide Hills 1-2. A big congrats to this team for getting all the way to the big dance – a great sign of things to come for our club!

The Under 11 South competition does not have a finals series, however our U11 White team finished well and truly on top of the ladder – congrats!!

At the other end of the age spectrum, after a cracking season our Men’s Masters team also narrowly missed out on a premiership with a 0-1 loss to Adelaide Uni in the Grand Final.

Well done to all other teams that made finals: U13A Girls, U18B Girls, M3 Men, M3 Women, M4 Women and M5 Women – bring on 2019!