Club History

Forestville Hockey Club 1905 to 2020

A History of Hockey in South Australia by Martin Caon

Find out if your name is in the FHC History!

Is it spelled correctly?

Better still is your photo in it?

Proof positive that you played Premier League.

This Tome answers questions like:

What actually is the “Sticks Rule”?

Did that really happen in 1945?

Could Peter Garlick be that old?

That photo on page 131 can’t be right, can it?

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$50 will secure your copy of this limited edition, A4 sized, 232page, 880 gram, densely-illustrated, glossy paper, colour, definitive history of FHC and of Hockey in SA from 1900 to the present.

That’s less than 50c per year! It’s what some will pay to have their umpiring done.

It’s the price of two bottles of wine! A great Father’s Day gift. Get one while they last. ( Will one copy be enough?)

On sale now (September 2021) and at the presentation night.

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Profits go to the Forestville Hockey Club.