Fees & Payment

Membership fees & Fee Payment – 2021

Hockey SA Levy (All players required to pay)

The Hockey SA fee inclusive of State and National levies, insurance and transaction costs.

Further details on these fees can be found at the Hockey SA website.

Registration to play are processed through the membership portal

Age Group and cost

Under 9 years old: $22.00
Over 9 years old – Under 18 Years Old: $61.50
Over 18 years old: $118.00
Hockey SA Officials $24.50

Forestville Hockey Club Membership Fees

Non Playing Members – ” Associate Member”- (Social/ non-playing member): $10

Junior Members – Players who are under 18 years of age and not playing in Senior Competition

Under 18  : $290
Under 15 : $220
Under 13 : $220
Under 11 : $220
Under   9 : $120

Members playing in Senior Competition

Senior Premier League & Metro 1 players: $490
Senior Metro 2 to Metro 6 players: $420
Senior Player – Student / Apprentice/ Concession: $400
Junior Playing Seniors: $390
Dual Registration (FHC is your second club and Hockey SA Affiliated Association is your primary club): $250
Masters only players: $250
Goalies providing own equipment: $50
Seniors playing Masters additional fee: $100
Casual Players: $150 plus $25 per game over 5 games.

Forestville Hockey Club Match Fees

Members playing seniors
Full seniors PL and M1: $255
Full seniors M2 to M6: $225
Senior Concession: $225
Junior playing Seniors: $340
Dual registrations: $255 if playing PL/M1’s $225 if playing M2 to M6
Masters: $185
Goal Keepers: PL & M1 $255 and M2 to M6 $225
Casual: $65 plus $12 per game over 5 games.

Junior members not playing seniors
Under 18: $185
Under 15: $185
Under 13: $185
Under 11: $55
Under  9 : $0

Notes regarding playing membership fees:

  1. The total fee payable by each playing member is the sum of the membership fee and the match fees for the season.
  2. 50% of total fee to be paid prior to 30th April 2021 and the remainder of fees to be paid by 30th June 2021
  3. All match fees will be charged to FHC by the stadiums/venue and paid directly by FHC on behalf of the teams rather than players paying at the venue. This will reduce pre match interruption for players and team managers.
  4. The match fee for juniors playing seniors reflects that they will play 2 matches per week but is less than the total for juniors plus seniors, which is consistent with the club’s policy that we do not recover the full cost of match fees for this category of members.
  5. The casual membership allows for five matches. For players participating in more than five matches, an additional per match fee of $25.00 will be payable for each additional match played.
  6. Fee discounts may be available to members experiencing hardship and those performing additional duties such as coaching. All discounted fees must be approved by the FHC management committee.

Examples of what you would pay

To work out the total amount to pay to the club you take the amount of the Forestville Hockey Club Fee and add the Forestville Hockey Club Match Fee to calculate the total fee payable.
In the first instance all players will need to register to play hockey with Forestville Hockey Club via the membership portal and pay the Hockey SA fee.

  1. If you are senior player playing in a M2 to M6 grade you will a membership fee $420.00 plus the $225.00 match fee (total of $645.00) to the club.  The club requires you to pay half this amount ($322.50) by 30th April 2021 and the balance by 30th June 2021.
  2. If you are a junior playing seniors you will pay a $390.00  membership fee plus the $340.00 match fee (total of $730.00) to the club. The club requires you pay half this amount ($365.00) before 30th April 2021 and the balance by 30th June 2021.
  3. If you are a Junior player playing in Under 13’s or Under 15’s, you will pay the $220.00 membership plus the $185.00 match fee (total of $405.00) to the club. The club requires you pay half this amount ($202.50) before 30th April 2021 and the balance by 30th June 2021.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a payment plan, please contact the Treasurer by email to TreasurerFHC@outlook.com.

How to pay

You must pay the Hockey SA registration fees when you register on-line. You may also pay your full Forestville Membership and Match Fees at this time.

If you do not wish to pay the full membership and match fee at the time of registration you may pay by EFT to the Club Account (See below for details)

Account Name: Forestville Hockey Club

BSB: 105 096

Account No: 060 042 440

Reference: Fees + Your Name