FHC Online Shop is open for business!

If you’ve been hanging out to order some Forries kit, now’s your chance! Head to our new shop at https://www.fhc.com.au/shop/ and start browsing an awesome range of clothes and accessories.

Orders for this round will close 5:00pm, Tuesday 19 June 2018. If you squeeze in by this date, your merch will ready in approximately 4-6 weeks.

How do I collect my order? After you’ve ordered and paid via Paypal or credit card, your items will be delivered to the Club. FHC vollies will either post your apparel to you or provide you with pick up details.

Already placed an order at the sign on day? Liz Flavel would have contacted you by now and has confirmed your order. Please make sure you have made the EFT payment before 5:00pm Tuesday 19 June.

Can’t decide what you want by Tuesday? If you miss this round, you can definitely place an order after 19 June, but it might be a little while before we know when the delivery date will be, as we need a minimum number of orders before we can process them.

Pub Crawlers: For anyone planning to purchase a pub crawl shirt, we recommend doing this as a separate purchase to any other items you’re planning to order. Remember the due date to order shirts is this Friday.

Forestville Hockey Club would like to thank Amy Lambert of Make Create for the time invested in developing the FHC online shop.

For any queries about the online shop please contact Kathy Frith at secretary@fhc.com.au

Happy shopping!