Season 2020 May Update

The FHC Management Committee hopes you are all safe and well and not too badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Here is an update on where we are at in trying to reboot Season 2020.

Planning the format and start for Season 2020

The club is working with Hockey SA and other clubs to plan for a restructured program for 2020. You will appreciate that while there have been some positive developments in Adelaide and South Australia there is still significant uncertainty about when it will be safe to resuming training for and playing hockey.

Our planning has considered a number of factors including:

  • Operational considerations-pitch availability and programming
  • Impact on club and Hockey SA finances
  • How members have been affected by the pandemic and how that will impact on participation in 2020
  • Ensuring that, whatever we do, we prioritise the health and safety of our members and the rest of the hockey community.

Hockey SA are conducting a series of surveys and forums to understand the impact of the pandemic on clubs and players. The CE also provided an update through a video post on the Hockey SA website.

Please take the time to watch the CEO’s presentation, which can be accessed through the Hockey SA website, and check in on their website or Facebook page for updates.

Player surveys

Hockey SA have set up a player survey to understand how you have been affected by the pandemic and your preferences for a reformatted Season 2020. Here is the link to the survey which can also be accessed via the Hockey SA website.

The club will also be contacting you to understand your preferences.

Options under consideration

Hockey SA have considered a range of options for a restructured season-most of the options depend on when it is safe to restart training and playing. Initial thoughts were the season would not start until late July-the possibility of starting earlier is now being considered.

Options are being considered to enable the season to include more games including:

  • Extending the season into October or November
  • Playing more than 1 game each week
  • Optimising the minor round program by reducing the finals.

Different options are being considered for the different competitions i.e. PL and M1s, M2-6, Masters and Juniors.

Please think about these options and provide your feedback by responding to the Hockey SA survey and when contacted by the club.

Membership fees

The club has contacted all members who had paid their membership fees and has refunded fees where members have asked us to.

If you have paid your club membership fees but have not been contacted yet please email the Treasurer at and we will arrange to refund your fees.

The club is committed to reviewing the fees charges in 2020 to reflect the changes in the program. The club will revise our membership fees before the season starts and will ask all members to commit to promptly paying any fees due. This will ensure the club is able to pay all Hockey SA team entry fees when they are due.

Resuming training

Discussions with Hockey SA have indicated that it may be possible for clubs to implement modified training programs as long as the training groups have 10 or less participants. We will talk to the PL coaches to explore the opportunities to get our PL and M1 squads on the pitch and practicing their stick skills.

If restrictions on gatherings change, we will review arrangements to get the best training outcomes.

In the meantime, work on your own to stay as fit as possible so we can hit the ground running when Season 2020 restarts.

Apparel orders

We have been advised by the Uniform Shop that they have experienced problems obtaining some items from their supplier and consequently have not supplied all items ordered by FHC members within planned timeframes.

They have also advised that they will supply the items they are able to source and will refund club members where they are not able to obtain ordered items. Where refunds are made you should receive an advice from the Uniform Shop confirming this.

If you have not received items ordered or received refunds from the Uniform Shop please contact the club by email to and we will follow up with the Uniform Shop.